Sources for key PET equipments


LEA can provide calibration and control sources for key PET equipment (Siemens, General Electric and Philips).

Siemens : Biograh PET/CT Classic, Biograph MCT or Horizon, Biograph 6/40 True V, Inveon 120, Biograph mmR, Biograph Vision,

GE : Discovery CT, Discovery 600/610, Discovery 690, Discovery 710, Discovery IQ,

Philips : Gemini TF, Vereos, Ingenuity.

LEA also markets calibration sources for 68Ge dose calibrators, which can be supplied in V-Vial type and syringe format, of 500 or 1 000 µCi (18.5 or 37 MBq) activity

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Standard sources for 68Ge dose calibrators in V-Vial type
Phantom 68Ge
57Co Line sources


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