Tailor-made standard sources

Beyond the catalog references, LEA can also produce tailored-made sources suited to your needs.


Based on your needs and specifications, an internal study is initiated to validate:


  • the production feasibility (manufacturing and measuring if necessary) of the source in accordance with the scope of the LEA's license,
  • the possibility to issue a calibration certificate under COFRAC* accreditation,
  • the level of uncertainty of the measurement,
  • the type of packaging and associated transport,


or we will suggest a catalog source close to your desired specification.


This feasibility study also helps defining the price and schedule associated with the requested supply. If the source is close to one of our catalog references, the completion time can be very short (a few weeks).

For more complex cases, requiring R&D and/or an LEA license upgrade, the time associated with the study and the necessary funding are then communicated to you for prior validation.


Specific mix of radionuclides


LEA proposes alpha and gamma multi-nuclides sources. LEA can also offer tailor-made multinuclides standards (from 3 to 12 nuclides). The percentage of each nuclide in the mixture can be specified by the customer. Default is the same activity for each radionuclide.


Specific activities or emission rates


In terms of uncertainty, the COFRAC* scope defines the minimum level that LEA can provide under accreditation. If a COFRAC* certificate is not required, we may be able to offer reduced uncertainties; consult us for this.

Reduced or specific manufacturing tolerance


Insofar that its manufacturing capabilities allow, LEA can offer tailor-made products with a reduced or asymmetrical manufacturing tolerance: for example, - 0% / 30% thus guaranteeing a minimum activity to ensure sufficient counting on your device, or conversely, -30% / -0% guaranteeing maximum activity to avoid saturating your measurement chains or remain in compliance with your material possession license.


Specific active diameter


Depending on the size of your detectors, a different active surface may be required for the standard source.


Specific matrices


Sand, soil, cement, gas equivalents... we can study the production of tailor-made standards in matrices close to that which you require to control or characterize.


Specific dilution medium


The solutions manufactured by LEA are provided according to a given chemical composition (particularly dilution and molarity). A specific medium can be offered as a tailor-made product at your request.



LEA proposes sealed sources in the form of capsules for activities < 27 μCi (1 MBq). For sealed sources > 27 μCi (1 MBq), ISO 2919 "radiation protection — sealed radioactive sources — general requirements and classification" requires a minimum classification of C22212 for calibration sources (or a more restrictive specific classification, depending on the intended use). Source constraints, associated with the desired classification level, can lead to specific developments, and in all cases require testing to obtain this classification.

Capsules (3)-détourée © LEA


Source carte LEA © LEA
Balise ICAM Mirion Technologies © Mirion Technologies
241Am sources for alpha and beta aerosol monitors (ICAM model)


Kit bille (1) © LEA
Source plexiglass ball mounted on stem support

Drawer sources for EDGAR type

Source Tiroir © LEA - Cyril Crespeau
Drawer sources are fixed on the monitor and remain permanently in place. In routine operation, the drawer is closed. It is opened when periodic verifications are performed.

Customer-specific bottles

To produce sources with your specific bottles, 5 samples will be required for preliminary testing.

Résine sur mesure
12 ML source resin in a 500 ml and 1 liter bottle supplied by a customer
Résine sur-mesure 2
12 ML source resin in a 30 ml bottle supplied by a customer.

Bernard Dumas glass or cellulose paper filters

used in environmental monitors in nuclear facilities.

bernard Dumas

Stainless steel tray

(wide area sources)

External diameter 2.17 in, active diameter 2,1 in
External diameter 5.7 in, active diameter 3.9 in


HS 2017-018 photo support client gravé
Customer-specific stainless steel supports
Photo source fictive et gravé
Active size source 1.5 x 1.7 in, external dimension 1.7 x 1.9 in mounted on a specific stainless steel support
* Scope N°2-6386 available on www.cofrac.fr or upon request.


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