Dose calibrator sources



The dose calibrators are sealed sources, made in a plastic bottle allowing easy and safe handling. The radionuclide is distributed homogeneously within a thermosetting resin. The radionuclides supplied by the LEA emit gamma rays close to those of the radionuclides most used in nuclear medicine (18F, 99mTc, 123I, 131I, 111In, 201Tl).

EGAF © LEA - Cyril Crespeau EGAF (2) © LEA - Cyril Crespeau



k=2 measurement uncertainty



10 MBq  0.27 mCi


BA133 EGA F 50

20 MBq  0.54 mCi


BA133 EGA F 55


100 MBq  2.7 mCi


CO57 EGA F 80

200 MBq  5.4 mCi


CO57 EGA F 90

370 MBq  10 mCi


CO57 EGA F 100


10 MBq 0.27 mCi


CS137 EGA F 50

20 MBq  0.54 mCi


CS137 EGA F 55

Manufacturing tolerance: -15% / +30%

IAEA Category : 5 • ISO2919 Classification : C22212

** Scope N°2-6386 available on or upon request.

* The calibration of sources can be performed on request, according to COFRAC** accredited protocols. The measurement uncertainties at k=2 are lower than or equal to 3%.

Other nuclides can be provided on request (60Co...)


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