Spent source recovery

LEA collects the sealed sources it has supplied once they are expired or disused and will examine the feasibility of collecting sealed sources supplied by other manufacturers on a case-by-case basis. Although unsealed sources are usually not recovered, LEA can also examine the feasibility of their recovery.

This service is aimed at customers both in France and abroad. 

  • Helps you preparing files and shipment in compliance with transport regulations,
  • Brings solutions to your specific needs such as transport kits,
  • Collects and transports from your site,
  • Receives and control your packages and sources at LEA,
  • Issues recovery certificates


  • Safely and securely storing sources pending their dispatch to the appropriate storage or recycling channels,
  • Proceeding to regulatory declarations with the Safety Authorities.
Reprise des sources © LEA - Cyril Crespeau
reprise sources © LEA - Cyril Crespeau


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