We use packaging designed to transport low activity radioactive sources in type A packages according to the applicable dangerous goods transport regulations. Type A packages are designed to withstand the hazards that may be encountered during transport or during handling or storage operations: small impacts, stacking of packaging, falling of a puncturing object on the package, exposure to rain.

Source Box Source box © LEA - Cyril Crespeau
MC1 Valise MC1 ©LEA - Cyril Crespeau
TNB169 TNB169 ©LEA - Cyril Crespeau TC1 TC1 ©LEA - Cyril Crespeau
Valises Source case NLC - 1913 © LEA

For beta or gamma sources

Coffret-sources-bêta-gamma (2) © LEA - Cyril Crespeau

Shielded case for flood sources

Valise d'entreposage © LEA - Cyril Crespeau


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