Relevant regulations


Based in France, LEA operates under the authorization of the French Nuclear Safety Authority ASN (license No.F530042) according to France’s Public Health regulation. LEA is licensed to manufacture, distribute, import and export nuclides, sources products or devices for industrial, medical and research applications.

Our sealed sources meet the requirements of ISO 2919, which validates their quality as sealed sources following specific tests.

LEA also abides by the transportation regulations, both European (ADR) and international (IAEA, ICAO, IATA).

Some sources are subject to export control on dual-use goods in accordance with CE Regulation 428/2009 from council of 5 May 2009 and its upcoming revisions. These sources are subject of a specific certification request (End User Certificate). They are clearly identified in red in our reference table.

Threshold for the radionuclides concerned by the dual-purpose measure:

Whatever the activity:

Uranium 233 Uranium 235 Plutonium 239


If the activity is greater than 10mCi (0.37GBq):

Radium 226


If the activity is greater than 100mCi (3.7GBq):

Actinium 225 Actinium 227 Californium 253
Curium 240 Curium 241 Curium 242
Curium 243 Curium 244 Einsteinium 253
Einsteinium 254 Gadolinium 148 Plutonium 236
Plutonium 238 Polonium 208 Polonium 209
Polonium 210 Radium 223 Thorium 227
Thorium 228 Uranium 230 Uranium 232


We kindly remind our foreign customers to strictly comply with the regulatory requirements of the country in which they own and use the sources provided by LEA.



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