Third-party supplier sources

For your requests that cannot be met by our own production, we can import and distribute products (sources and accessories) made by our partners. LEA takes care of all the formalities such as import, delivery, used sources collection.


  • Alpha calibration sources
  • Beta calibration sources 
  • X standard
  • Gamma calibration sources
  • Standard for surface contamination control
  • Multi gamma/spectrometry standard
  • Gas standard

Suppliers' location


LEA can provide calibration and control sources for key PET equipment (Siemens, General Electric and Philips).

Siemens : Biograh PET/CT Classic, Biograph MCT or Horizon, Biograph 6/40 True V, Inveon 120, Biograph mmR, Biograph Vision,

GE : Discovery CT, Discovery 600/610, Discovery 690, Discovery 710, Discovery IQ,

Philips : Gemini TF, Vereos, Ingenuity.

LEA also markets calibration sources for 68Ge dose calibrators, which can be supplied in V-Vial type and syringe format, of 500 or 1 000 µCi (18.5 or 37 MBq) activity.


Flacon V-Vial © Radqual
Standard sources for 68Ge dose calibrators in V-Vial type
Phantom68Ge © SANDERS
Phantom 68Ge
@Radqual ©Radqual
57Co Line sources

Sources for Mossbauer Spectrometry

Used in physics, chemistry and biology to determine the structure of materials and mechanisms of interaction. The proposed sources could be either 57Co or 119Sn. The standard matrices are in rhodium (for 57Co) or CaSnO3 (for 119Sn), the beryllium window ensuring the absence of radioactive contamination.


Source carte LEA © RITVERC
Mossbauer1 © RITVERC
Mossbauer4 © RITVERC
Mossbauer3 © RITVERC
Mossbauer2 © RITVERC

Sources for Oil Well Logging

(OWL) or mining: 60Co, 137Cs, AmBe et 252Cf sources.

QSA global © QSA Global

Sources for Process control

For nuclear fuel cycle facilities: 60Co, 137Cs, AmBe et 252Cf sources.

Sources for Construction and agriculture:

Neutron and gamma sources to measure moisture or soil density. The sources are used to determine the water content of bulk materials (agricultural silo, gravel, wood chips…) or soil density by measurement with a neutron emitting source (AmBe type) or by association with a 137Cs source and an AmBe source.

Sources for Industrial gauges:

  • Paper weight measurements (beta sources of 85Kr and 147Pm),
  • thickness and density measurements (beta sources of 90Sr, 85Kr and 147Pm),
  • level control (sources of 241Am and 137Cs).

Sources for X-ray fluorescence

For the detection of lead in paints. The sources proposed by LEA are made of 109Cd, 57Co from 4.9 mCi (180 MBq) to 23 mCi (850 MBq). These capsules are made of stainless steel.


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