LEA produces and distributes Flood sources, Co-57 rectangular sources designed for rectangular FOV (field of view) gamma cameras to check the nominal settings and the uniformity of response of the system.

These sealed sources are at least classified C 22212 in accordance with ISO2019.

Flood sources are made of a shell (to ensure a secure seal) containing a resin in which the radionuclide is uniformly distributed. Flood sources have a percentage of differential nonuniformity ≤3% over the entire active surface of the source.

To facilitate the handling, some Flood sources could have a groove around the entire periphery, allowing easy handling. As an option, they can be fitted with handles, thus limiting hand-level dosimetry.

Lead-protected mobile carry cases are also available to facilitate movement and storage of Flood sources.

flood3 ©RADQUAL

Radqual flood - Total dimension 25.2 x 17.8" / Active surface area 23.9 x 16.4"

Radlite Flood Sources

LEA Flood model available with or without handle (specify when ordering). The total dimensions of the model without handle are 24.97 x 17.4 in (63.4 x 44.4 cm) respectively for length and width.
Valises d'entreposage © LEA - Cyril Crespeau
Lead-protected mobile carry case for storage.





190 MBq  0.005 Ci

CO57 EHS [Type] 30

370 MBq 0.01 Ci

CO57 EHS [Type] 40 / CO57#BM01L-10

550 MBq  0.015 Ci

CO57 EHS [Type] 45 / CO57#BM01L-15

740 MBq  0.02 Ci

CO57 EHS [Type] 50 / CO57#BM01L-20


How to compose the reference ?

Replace [Type] with the letter I if you desire handles or H if not.

For example: CO57 EHS H 30.

LEA can also offer other Flood geometries:

  • square, with a total dimensions of 11.5 x 11.5'' (29 x 29 cm) and an active surface area of 10 x 10'' (25 x 25 cm) for activities of 0.5 mCi (18.5 MBq), 3mCi (111 MBq), 10mCi (370MBq), 15 mCi (555MBq), 20mCi (740MBq).
  • circular, with a total diameter of 20.3" (51.5 cm) and an active diameter of 18.5" (47 cm), for activities of 5mCi (185 MBq), 10 mCi (370MBq), 15mCi (555MBq).
Square series BM05
Circular series BM02


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