Giving nuclear energy its full value

With the refounding of our group, a new story is beginning

With the constantly growing needs for electricity and the fight against climate change, the energy sector is undergoing profound changes. To face up to these challenges for the 21st century and to contribute to the production of low carbon electricity, our group, driven by a new strategic vision, is refocusing all of its activities on the nuclear fuel cycle.

Our vision for the future

The nuclear sector is, and will remain, an industry of the future. It is its capacity to provide powerful, safe, low carbon and competitively priced electricity that gives it its place among the energies of tomorrow. It is an energy source that is necessary to meet the challenges our world is facing: to double the production of electricity whilst halving the production of greenhouse gases.

Poste test de la matière à l’atelier d’enrichissement REC II au Tricastin
CIX, un pilote d’accélération de débit d’alimentation à Bessines.

Our mission: expertise across the entire fuel cycle

Our unique and internationally-recognized expertise in the nuclear fuel cycle enables us to offer our customers efficient products and services that are adapted to their needs, right across the cycle from mining to dismantling, as well as in conversion, enrichment, recycling, logistics and engineering. It is this expertise that provides the foundation for the relationship of trust that we have built up over time with our customers.

Our ambition: to give nuclear energy its full value

Our priority is to create value for our customers and for society as a whole. Nuclear energy is a resource of the future. An energy resource, an economic resource, and one that generates jobs, and hence creates value. We want to give nuclear energy this capacity to create value on multiple fronts right across the fuel cycle and in the medical sector. This is a conviction shared by our group’s 16,000 employees and expressed in our brand signature: Giving nuclear energy its full value.


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        Orano is hiring

        Why not put your talents to work on behalf of low-carbon energy!

        Orano recruits talented individuals for positions in the following areas:

        • Cleanup & Dismantling

        • Studies – Design & Engineering

        • Production

        • Nuclear Safety – Environment

        • Maintenance

        • Radiological Protection

        • Project Management

        • Supply Chain

        • Laboratory

        • R&D

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        Each year, Orano hires 750 new employees on permanent contracts, including :

        300 engineers and managers (for half, their first job)

        450 technicians and supervisors

        over500 students in work-study programs (about 200 with five years of higher education)

        over200 interns


        All Orano employees who want to make a move, either geographically or to a different job, can do so.
        Mobility is an advantage that helps everyone advance in his or her career.

        In 2017, 600 employees benefited from Orano’s mobility policy.

        Quality of Work Life

        Collective intelligence is a mainstay of Orano. As a central component of our organization, it creates relationships that are demanding, like our activities, while enhancing our employees’ well-being. It enables them to progress in their job and construct a well-planned career in a broad range of activities – production, engineering, services, and support functions. It contributes to training and the acquisition of new skills in an approach aimed at excellence. The right to disconnect, teleworking, flexible hours… every effort is made to foster a good balance between personal and professional life so that everyone can give his or her best in a work environment conducive to personal development.


        Performance Manager

        La Hague, France


        Director of Diversity

        La Défense – France


        Plant Production VP Manager

        La Hague, France


        Plant Safety Engineer

        La Hague, France


        Research Geneticist at Orano Med


        Best Off SnapChat

        They are called Julien, Aurélie, Cyril, Emmanuelle, Simon, Andrea… These apprentices in HR, R&D, engineering or digital departments... have joined Orano for their apprenticeship in La Hague, de la Défense, du Tricastin, de Gif-sur-Yvette.



        Geologist, McLean Lake and Saskatoon at AREVA Mines



        Head of Technical Quality Control Department at KATCO



        In the interest of good governance, Orano to aims to deliver transparent and up-to-date financial information. This area will allow you to access all this information, especially information regulated by the directives of the Autorité des marchés financiers

        Orano around the world


        Industrial facilities and commercial activities

        6,944 tons of uranium were extracted from the McArthur River mine in 2016, making it the most productive uranium mine in the world.

        In Canada, Orano is represented by AREVA Resources Canada. The activities of this subsidiary, which employs about 500 people, are uranium exploration, mining operations, and ore processing. The ores extracted from the Cigar Lake and McArthur River mines are among the world’s richest in uranium, with average grades of 17% and 11%, respectively. Orano also provides engineering and used fuel management services to Canadian nuclear power plant operators.



        Sales office and commercial activities

        37 reactors are operating in China, 20 are under construction, and 40 are planned. This is a key market for Orano.

        In February 2017, China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) and Orano signed a framework agreement for an industrial and commercial cooperation in the nuclear fuel cycle.

        Orano is represented in China by its wholly owned subsidiary AREVA Beijing Consulting Co. Ltd. The group is a leading supplier of uranium to the country’s nuclear electric utilities. It is also cooperating in a major project for the construction of a used fuel treatment-recycling plant, and it is a provider of used fuel storage solutions.



        Industrial facilities – Sales office and commercial activities

        4,000 employees and 1,000 subcontractors work at the la Hague site, the largest employer in the region.

        Orano and France are inseparably linked. The group has some 17 industrial sites across the country. It is in France that uranium coming from mines around the world is converted, enriched, and in some cases combined with plutonium obtained from recycling to fabricate fuel for the nuclear reactors of the group’s customers. It is also in France, at the la Hague and Melox facilities, that used fuel is processed, recycled, and prepared for storage. In the Mining Innovation Center at Bessines, mining techniques of the future are developed.


        Industrial facilities

        26,600 tons of uranium were produced during 40 years of mining.

        Orano exploited uranium deposits in Gabon for 40 years. It then rehabilitated the sites, completing this work in 2006. Since then, the Orano subsidiary Comuf has performed the environmental monitoring at the sites, while also carrying out societal initiatives.


        Sales office and commercial activities

        The planned phase-out of its nuclear reactors makes Germany a key market for the decommissioning activities. AREVA Decommissioning & Services GmbH, an Orano subsidiary, offers proven technical solutions for used fuel management, the dismantling of primary and internal reactor components, and the conditioning of nuclear waste. These solutions will be used at four German nuclear power plants. Germany is also the home of AREVA Urangesellschaft GmbH, Orano’s uranium international trading subsidiary, based in Frankfurt.


        Sales office and commercial activities

        Represented in Japan by its sales office AREVA Japan Co. Ltd., the Orano group is a longstanding partner of the Japanese nuclear industry. It provides front end and back end services in the fuel cycle and is taking part in the decommissioning of the Fukushima nuclear power plant. TN Tokyo, an Orano logistics subsidiary, supplies packaging and manages the transportation of nuclear materials for plant operators, research institutes, and transportation companies.


        Industrial facilities

        4,000 tons of uranium per year: the world production record for mines operated with the In Situ Recovery (ISR) method.

        Created in 1996, the mining company KATCO is a joint venture between Orano (51%) and the national mining company Kazatomprom (49%). KATCO is exploiting the Muyunkum and Tortkuduk uranium deposits in southern Kazakhstan. It has developed highly efficient In Situ Recovery (ISR) operations at these sites, thus using an extraction method that reduces the environmental impact.


        Industrial facilities

        In Mongolia, Orano has been carrying out exploration in the Gobi Desert since the early 2000s. In 2015, it obtained three operating licenses, and in 2017, it launched pilot mining operations at the Zuuvch Ovoo deposit.



        Industrial facilities

        20 million cu. meters is the quantity of drinking water produced annually by the desalination plant.

        In Namibia, Orano is represented by its subsidiary AREVA Resources Namibia. The company has demonstrated the reliability of the technical solutions chosen for the Trekkopje site, located northeast of the town of Swakopmund. Mining of this deposit has been suspended while awaiting improvement in the uranium market. A desalination plant has been built to supply water to the mine. This installation has also increased water supply security.


        Industrial facilities

        About 140,000 tons of uranium have been extracted in Niger since mining began there.

        In Niger, the Orano subsidiaries Somaïr and Cominak operate two large uranium mines located not far from the town of Arlit, in the northwest of the country. Mining at a third site, Imouraren, which is one of the world’s largest uranium deposits, will get underway as soon as market conditions permit.


        South Korea

        Sales office and commercial activities

        Orano is represented in South Korea by its wholly owned subsidiary AREVA Korea Limited. The group is a partner and leading supplier of this country, which has 24 nuclear reactors in operation. It is also taking part in two major used fuel storage projects. In November 2017, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. (KHNP) and Orano signed an important agreement strengthening their cooperation in dismantling.

        United Kingdom

        Sales office and commercial activities

        7 nuclear reactors are now being decommissioned at the Sellafield site.

        Present in the UK for over 30 years, Orano has strengthened its position as a major player in the management and supply of solutions for decommissioning projects and for the management of nuclear materials and waste. The UK is one of the world’s largest markets in this field and a strategic Orano partner. For 15 years, the group has also supplied fissile materials for the 15 reactors operating in the UK.

        United States

        Industrial facilities – Sales office and commercial activities

        1,000 nuclear transportation shipments are performed each year by TN Americas, an ANM subsidiary.

        Orano is represented in the United States by its subsidiary AREVA Nuclear Materials (ANM). In the US, which has the world’s largest nuclear reactor fleet, AREVA Nuclear Materials (ANM) offers services ranging from the supply of uranium to the decommissioning of nuclear facilities. ANM’s logistics subsidiary, TN Americas, provides products, transportation, and storage solutions to more than half of America’s nuclear power plants. Orano Med, a subsidiary in the field of nuclear medicine, is based in Texas.