NUHOMS MATRIX Storage Module

The innovative two-level NUHOMS MATRIX concrete overpack design for used nuclear fuel storage reduces the footprint requirements of an Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) by as much as 45% when compared to existing dry storage technologies.
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Orano Matrix dry storage systemThe universal horizontal two-tier MATRIX overpack also meets all storage requirements for shutdown and operating U.S. nuclear reactors, including the storage of high-burnup short-cooled fuel, and is designed to accommodate used fuel storage canisters with different diameters and lengths.

For extended used fuel storage and aging management requirements, the MATRIX integrates new design features and devices which enable the complete inspection of the stored canister without removing it from the module.

Key MATRIX features:
  • 45% footprint reduction for same storage capacity
  • Store canisters with different diameters and lengths
  • Specifically designed to address needs of shutdown or soon to be shut down sites
  • Ideal option instead of expanding operating ISFSI pad
  • Optimized for heat rejection, shielding and footprint
  • Simplified aging management inspection with Retractable Roller Tray, now ALARA

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