Manufacturing & Services Facilities

Orano's NUHOMS canisters and dry storage modules are Made In America at two facilities in North Carolina. Our manufacturing and servicing facility for uranium transport cylinders is in Kentucky.

TN Fabrication - Used Fuel Canisters & Casks

Orano's TN Fabrication (TNF) facility in Kernersville, NC, manufactures NUHOMS used nuclear fuel storage canisters for U.S. customers, supported by its global supply chain for surge resources.

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Kevil Site - Uranium Transport Canisters & Services

The Orano TLI facility in Kevil, KY, manufactures, cleans, and refurbishes uranium transport canisters for domestic and international shipments.

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Moyock Site - Used Fuel Storage Modules

Our robust, reinforced concrete NUHOMS horizontal storage modules for used nuclear fuel are poured and shipped from Moyock, NC, to interim storage sites across the USA.

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