Orano's NUHOMS EOS 37PTH and 89BTH Dry Shielded Canisters (DSC) provide customers with a high-capacity, high-burnup, and high-heat load system for PWR and BWR dry used fuel storage needs. The 37PTH DS0C is designed to store and transport 37 PWR fuel assemblies with or without channels. The 89BTH is designed to store 89 BWR fuel assemblies.

The next advanced evolution of our proven, high-performance dry shielded canister offers:

  • Higher capacity
  • Higher heat load
  • Superior shielding
  • Low plant risk
  • Low life cycle costs

The EOS 37PTH and EOS 89BTH baskets are constructed using alloy steel, aluminum, and Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) plates configured into an egg crate design, allowing for a more cost-efficient fabrication. The compartment assemblies are connected to perimeter aluminum transition rail assemblies. Geometric spacing, fixed neutron absorbers and soluble burn are used to maintain criticality control for enrichments up to 5.0% U235.

The EOS 37PTH and EOS 89BTH DSCs are optimized for plants with minimum crane capacity of 125 tons and have a 108 ton option available. The EOS canisters will be transferred in the new NUHOMS® EOS TC series transfer cask to gain the benefit of being fully shielded. EOS 37PTH and EOS 89BTH DSCs are transferred and stored in a horizontal configuration using the NUHOMS® EOS HSM concrete modules.

The EOS HSM is a new and improved HSM-H, with redesigned vents for a higher capacity heat load while maintaining the same overall footprint. The EOS 37PTH and 89BTHDSC assemblies incorporate the proven NUHOMS® welded closure design that has been used in numerous loaded canisters in the United States.

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