Pool to Pad

Orano TN consistently delivers “as promised” pool to pad performance, as demonstrated by our reputation for consecutive successful loadings delivered on schedule and on budget. Our highly-trained PWR and BWR teams deliver low dose and incident-free campaigns with consistent one-week per canister loadings. With dedicated experts to handle vertical and horizontal loading services, Orano TN sets the bar high for the industry.

TEAM Approach

Orano TN's innovative TEAM (Transnuclear Enhanced and Agile Management) approach brings an unprecedented level of control over safety, performance, risk and outcome. Orano TN streamlines the pool to pad program with a synchronized and highly-trained team of expert planners and supervisors that executes the project for you. Results are proven… with 'as promised' delivery of incident-free loadings time and time again. Our permanent in-house team is coached in all of the 'what ifs' that can occur on a specific site. We also test and train our customer teams with life-size mock-ups at our NUHOMS® University. When the loading teams finish their five-week program they have performed every aspect of loading in real time, real life scenarios.

As an OEM we know the technical specifications of the storage equipment, the support equipment and the transfer equipment along with the procedures… forward and backward. Our skill set is applicable at all plants regardless of orientation, with welding, vacuum drying and heavy loading pros who are used to working as a team with the traditional Orano TN esprit de corps.

Plus our global network of expertise and tried and true Performance Safety Quality tools mean that you can count on one thing… when you work with the Orano TN Pool to Pad TEAM... safety, schedule confidence and 'as promised' performance.

NUHOMS® University

One key to our success is the training program at NUHOMS® University that brings in utilities, Orano partners, and other team members to participate in a five-week training course.

Each element of the used fuel storage process is practiced in real time with life-size models. Classroom training is enhanced by this live training, which includes the insertion of potential trouble areas that could arise, thus students graduate from the 'U' well-prepared to handle their loading. This maximizes Human Performance Excellence in the used fuel loading and transfer arena.

As a result, our PWR and BWR teams have consistent error-free, low dose loadings - setting the bar high for the industry!

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