Canisters & Casks

Orano TN is an expert manufacturer of NRC-licensed packages (canisters, casks, cylinders) for managing radioactive materials. Canisters and cylinders are used to contain nuclear material. Casks are used to transport nuclear material, either material placed directly inside the cask or material within a canister placed inside the cask.
Canisters & Casks
Orano TN’s portfolio includes packages for managing and transporting used nuclear fuel and nuclear waste, and for managing and transporting uranium.

Used Nuclear Fuel and Nuclear Waste Packages

  • EOS canister - Orano's NUHOMS® EOS 37PTH and 89BTH Dry Shielded Canisters (DSC) are a high-capacity, high-burnup, and high-heat load system for PWR and BWR dry used fuel storage needs. The 37PTH DSC is designed to store and transport 37 PWR fuel assemblies with or without channels. The 89BTH DSC is designed to store 89 BWR fuel assemblies.
    The EOS 37PTH and EOS 89BTH baskets securely hold the assemblies within the canister and are constructed using alloy steel, aluminum, and Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) plates configured into an egg crate design. Geometric spacing, fixed neutron absorbers and soluble burn maintain criticality control for fuel enrichments up to 5.0% U235.
  • MP197HB cask - NUHOMS® MP197HB transportation cask is a universal cask capable of transporting nine different types of used fuel canisters. All transportable canister types designed by Orano TN can be transported in the MP197HB.
    The MP197HB transport cask includes a containment boundary, structural shell, gamma shielding material, and solid neutron shield. The cask is approved for transport by rail, truck, or marine transport.
  • TN-RAM package - The TN-RAM Type B(U) is designed for shipment of irradiated waste in secondary containers.

Radioactive Material Packages

  • ANF 250 package - UO2 powder, pellets, and pellet scrap
  • OP-TU package - US NRC CoC 9288 Type B(U)F - Irradiated uranium oxide powder and pellets, Reprocessed uranium oxide powder and pellets, Uranium compounds (oxides, carbides, silicates, etc.) powder and pellets
  • UX-30 package - Enriched uranium hexafluoride (UF6) within 30B cylinders
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