Used Fuel Management

Orano TN, the Orano subsidiary in charge of nuclear logistics (formerly known as TN Americas), is a leader in the American nuclear industry offering innovative total system solutions for used nuclear fuel and radioactive waste management and nuclear transportation. While our hallmark is bringing the right technology to the customer at the right time, our success is based on unparalleled human performance initiatives, a dedication to safety first, transparent pricing and business integrity that combine to ensure our customers get “as promised” cost savings and superior results.
Used Fuel Management
Orano TN's talented team of seasoned nuclear professionals delivers engineering, technical and logistics expertise. Thus more than 50 percent of America’s nuclear plants rely on Orano TN's quality products and highly skilled teams to ensure a consistently high level of operational excellence.

Our state-of-the-art solutions deliver safe, error-free, and low-risk used fuel storage and nuclear transportation, and our engineering services drive innovation across the fuel cycle materials market.

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