Orano White Papers


Reactor D&D: Recent Achievements and Innovations in the U.S.  August 2023
Building on proven technologies from past experience and extensive lessons learned, Orano continuously innovates to expand its toolbox and solutions offering to resolve the industry’s challenges with uncompromised safety performance, and is ready to support the Fukushima Daiichi cleanup and dismantling efforts.

Optimized Segmentation of the Crystal River Unit 3 Reactor  March 2023
The patented Optimized Segmentation process aims to reduce the volume of waste for disposal and the amount of segmentation work on the reactor structures, with substantial benefits in overall execution schedule and cost.

Segmentation and Packaging of the Vermont Yankee Reactor Vessel and Internals  March 2023
The accelerated decommissioning project was completed in less than 4 years with more than 270,000 continuous safe work hours.

Enhanced Capabilities of the MANUELA 3D/ Rad Scanning Tool for Use at Nuclear Facilities  March 2023
Based on user inputs from field applications, MANUELA developers have modified different aspects of the instrument including hardware and operating system programing as well as adding more powerful post-processing capabilities to the PoStLAM software.

The Time is Right for Another Round of LSDP Technology Demonstrations  March 2023
The nuclear decommissioning industry could benefit greatly from a new round of LSDP initiatives to showcase the latest advances in the tools and technology focused on improved worker safety, improved efficiencies, and relevant waste minimization and volume reduction advancements.


Re-Use of Used MOX LWR Fuel  June 2023
The proposed multi-recycling scheme enabled to recycle all fuel types would likely significantly reduce the uncertainty associated with the partial-recycling strategy, including addressing net plutonium production, onsite interim storage, waste volumes, fuel supply security, and positive social impact.


Operating Experience of Low-Level Waste Handling, Processing, Storage and Transportation Capabilities  February 2023
The international advancement of technologies concerning dry storage systems for radioactive materials and the transport services for various radioactive materials will be discussed, including unique Low Level Waste packaging and transportation capabilities.

The New TN EAGLE Transport Cask  February 2023
Using automated manufacturing and simplified advanced design, the TN Eagle represents a new portfolio of high-performance, highest safety level, cost-competitive dual-purpose casks for storage and transport of bare fuel and transport of welded canisters.

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