Orano invests in people and technology.

Public-Private Partnerships

With the use of private capital investment, the Orano Public-Private Partnership delivery model organizes private sector capabilities and contractual performance commitments to deliver proven technical solutions that address DOE program and project challenges. As a new corporate innovation, Orano has created a P3 Initiative Office to harness corporate capabilities and deliver technology solutions tailored to DOE needs.

We provide DOE with a new and valuable roadmap to optimize the delivery of technology solutions to solve the Department’s unique and complex waste challenges—an opportunity to improve upon the historic DOE cleanup contracting model, which has traditionally used large EPC companies focused on managing projects. First, traditional EPC firms typically struggle with identifying and applying the best technology solutions, since that is not a core competency; second, these technologies tend to be capital-intensive, costly, and subject to legal and regulatory challenges if performed on DOE sites under traditional business approaches. While complying with DOE program requirements and regulations, Orano’s approach delivers compelling value to the Government by:

  • Tapping private investment to treat and dispose of legacy wastes
  • Accelerating cleanup and reducing lifecycle cost and liability for DOE
  • Creating a durable business model for future private sector investment
  • Placing performance risk on the developer and operator (away from DOE)
  • Capturing efficiencies from commercial practices in delivering projects with a high level of certainty
  • Providing tailored solutions that address pressing DOE challenges, including vitrification, grouting, sludge retrieval, and evaporator technologies
  • Leveraging other Orano models, including commercial U.S. reactor D&D and TN’s spent fuel management to benefit from our diverse set of lessons learned, risk management techniques, and financial expertise

Bridging the Personnel Gap

Orano invests in people. We have established an executive position to drive our P3 program to success. We regularly place technical and management experts from the U.S into operations at our globally owned facilities, including La Hague and Melox as well as bringing technical and management experts from France to our U.S. projects. Our primary goal is to integrate into the operations teams and learn from Orano’s decades of experience operating commercial nuclear facilities. At our global operations, these experts manage various areas of operations, drive performance, improve efficiency, and transfer technology to other nuclear operators in Europe. The experts we bring into U.S. operations offer unique expertise in areas that specifically address DOE challenges, including spent fuel management, waste operations, and engineering. This two-way sharing of resources is a unique offering that we bring to DOE.

Investment works

Orano is the only company to operate in all aspects of the fuel cycle, from uranium mining to final waste disposition. We bring technology, processes, and lessons learned from our global nuclear fuel cycle operations as well as a unique owner/operator mindset gained during multiple decades of successful ownership and management of our own facilities—allowing us to understand, accept, and manage our customers’ financial risks as if they were our own. Our experts in the U.S. and France develop and apply innovative technology and related services to our worldwide customers, while Orano Federal Services serves as the conduit to leverage this expertise within the U.S. DOE Complex.

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