Orano Federal Services has been a valued partner at WIPP for 20+ years, beginning with the Central Characterization Program (CCP) in 2000. Since 2012, Orano was the only pre-selected subcontractor to Nuclear Waste Partnership (NWP), the current M&O contractor responsible for WIPP operations.

Exemplary TRU Waste Services

Orano has provided technical leadership, integrated into the management team at NWP, and served as the CCP Manager running both contact-handled and remote-handled certification programs for NWP, and overseeing characterization/certification efforts at multiple DOE sites.  This in-depth understanding of the waste forms and the Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) for WIPP allowed Orano to assist NWP with modifications to the permit that simplified TRU operations at the DOE sites. 

Orano has first-hand knowledge of the regulatory requirements for radioactive waste treatment, characterization, certification and transportation having participated in the planning, development and execution of DOE-compliant waste programs for multiple sites. While working at WIPP, Orano experts

  • Developed and maintained  effective interfaces with the other NWP organizations, Carlsbad Field Office (CBFO), and stakeholders
  • Interfaced with multiple site managers, CCP, and the DOE to plan and execute the receipt and shipment of waste to WIPP to keep the pipeline full. To assist this process, Orano provided NWP with reports for CH and RH emplacement at WIPP that included waste volume, waste ready for emplacement, and stored waste streams for emplacement as part of an overall risk reduction strategy for waste receipt and placement
  • Managed >300 personnel (both CCP and generator site personnel; union and non-union) nuclear engineers, scientists, chemists, nuclear physicists, waste handlers, transportation specialists, and operators providing waste certification services while coordinating with the site on operations.
  • Managed a fleet of mobile NDA and NDE systems and associated staff simultaneously at generator sites in the DOE Complex: Oak Ridge, Idaho, Los Alamos, Sandia, and Savannah River.
  • Designed, fabricated and license the TRUPACT-3 shipping container for transport of larger boxes to WIPP.



wipp waste boreholes
RH TRU waste is disposed of in horizontal boreholes drilled into the walls of underground disposal rooms.
WIPP trupact III
Licensed TRUPACT-III transport designed by Orano
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