Oak Ridge

Orano Federal Services has been a valued partner at Oak Ridge for 20 years. Orano Federal Services has provided decades-long support for Oak Ridge waste operations activities, including pool remediation, component removal, and characterization support and the management of mobile waste characterization systems. Discover more about our performance at this site

3010 Pool Remediation

Orano Federal Services is remediating the Building 3010 Pool at the Oak Ridge site. We have mobilized all tools, materials, and equipment to the site. We have completed the critical lift plan and work package to place the sediment filtration systems into the pool and have initiated sediment removal. The team is continuing to develop critical lift plans and work packages for the remaining large component removal including the waste transfer liner, underwater size reduction cask, and cask liner.

Irradiated Component Removal from Building 3042

Orano Federal Services completed the removal, packaging, and disposition of radioactive components from the reactor pool at Oak Ridge. We removed, profiled, packaged, certified, and transported four irradiated components to the disposal site in one shipment. The material makeup of the three plates and the lead counterweight resulted in a mixed-low-level waste (MLLW) classification, which required special handling and disposal methods. The pool footprint was much smaller than commercial nuclear reactor fuel pools and prevented the transport cask from being placed in the pool for direct loading. To resolve this, Orano developed a new approach to using a cask and disposal liner. A tall liner insert was designed and fabricated specifically to package these irradiated components – such that it would fit inside the disposal liner with axial and radial spacers. This work was completed ahead of schedule, under budget, and significantly reduced dose for the site.

De-inventory Reports

Orano has experience and expertise preparing De-Inventory Plans as an industry advisor to the DOE for stranded spent nuclear fuel at shutdown commercial nuclear sites. These plans provide the DOE with information that it can use for planning options with decision-makers on the design of an integrated nuclear waste management disposition system that will someday see stranded spent nuclear fuel moved to either consolidated interim storage or to a permanent repository.

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