Environmental Cleanup

Orano Federal Services and its predecessors have been a valued partner with DOE since the early 1990s. Our expertise matches the evolving needs of the U.S. government with current and proven cleanup solutions and technologies that that help meet the nation’s cleanup and closure needs.
Our expertise spans major DOE-EM sites including Hanford, Savannah River, Idaho, WIPP, and Oak Ridge and others. Discover more about our performance at these sites as a valued partner.

Savannah River Site

Orano has been a valued partner at SRS since 1997 during which time our performance has increased glass canister production rate, deployed global technologies, and saved tens of millions through innovative solutions. Discover more about our history at the site.

Hanford Site

Orano has been a valued partner at Hanford for 30 years. We have provided cleanup services that include performance on 20+ shell tank retrieval and disposition projects, provided strategic initiatives and tank closure strategy consulting, and inserted international corporate technologies to the cleanup activities.

Idaho National Lab Site

Orano Federal Services been a valued partner to Idaho National Laboratory for 15+ years. We performed as the EPC on the award-winning Remote Handled Low-Level Waste Facility with zero safety or compliance issues. We also provide packaging and transportation logistics support for the past 15 years to remove more than 1 million curies from various DOE and DOD sites. Discover more about our performance at this national asset.

Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP)

Orano Federal Services has been a valued partner at WIPP for 20+ years, beginning with the Central Characterization Program (CCP) in 2000. Since 2012, Orano was the only pre-selected subcontractor to Nuclear Waste Partnership (NWP), the current M&O contractor responsible for WIPP operations.

Oak Ridge

Orano Federal Services has been a valued partner at Oak Ridge for 20 years. Orano Federal Services has provided decades-long support for Oak Ridge waste operations activities, including pool remediation, component removal, and characterization support and the management of mobile waste characterization systems. Discover more about our performance at this site.
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