Decommissioning Services

Orano provides expertise throughout the entire decommissioning process for U.S. facilities: planning, engineering, project management, used fuel transfer from wet to dry storage, decontamination, dismantling, waste packaging and transport, ISFSI management, used fuel transport offsite, and site restoration.
Safe and efficient decommissioning is essential in managing nuclear energy facilities’ end-of-life cycle stage.

What to expect:

  • Safe and efficient methods
  • Focus on performance and delivery
  • Experienced teams with hands-on knowledge from numerous D&D projects worldwide
  • Full compliance with regulations
  • Community engagement and transparency

Expertise in all aspects of decommissioning shutdown nuclear reactor sites

Used Nuclear Fuel Management

As the global leader in used fuel management, Orano provides the full range of services to quickly and securely manage and move used fuel to enable accelerated decommissioning.

  • pool-to-pad transfer of used fuel from the reactor to onsite dry storage
  • state-of-the-art NUHOMS dry storage systems
  • inspection of the stored used fuel canisters
  • storage site aging management technologies and services
  • reliable and robust transport casks and procedures to move the used fuel offsite

During and after decommissioning, we ensure that the Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) operations and security are conducted in accordance with all regulations.

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NUHOMS dry storage ISFSI

Segmentation & Packaging of Radioactive Components

Orano owns and operates a full suite of advanced segmentation equipment. Segmented components are precisely packaged in shielded containers designed to securely transport this low level radioactive waste.

  • segmentation tools include large underwater bandsaws, reciprocating saws, and abrasive water jet systems
  • teams complete hands-on training with actual segmentation tools and procedures at offsite training facility
  • segmented components packaged according to radioactivity, size and weight to meet all transport requirements
  • decommissioning experience includes: Yankee Rowe, Connecticut Yankee, Millstone 1 and Rancho Seco, and Maine Yankee




Waste Transport

Since waste transport is a large part of the total cost of decommissioning, our waste management plans incorporate the most cost-effective disposal strategies, consistent with regulatory requirements for each waste type.

  • manage all phases of large component transportation, including initial planning and studies, licensing, and outreach to public and government stakeholders
  • determine available methods for processing, packaging, and transporting radioactive waste in conjunction with disposal facility criteria
  • conduct transport operations with secure, shielded containers, such as Orano's shielded MP197HB transport cask

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MP197HB arrives at WCS

Stakeholder Engagement

Good stakeholder relations requires investing energy and effort, and proactively developing good relationships and communications. Stakeholders are usually a diverse and site-dependent group, including Federal, State, and Local authorities, regional public and tribal communities, and the associated utility.

  • start the communication process early to build knowledge and trust with the communities and regulators
  • provide timely, accurate, complete, and high quality information
  • strong understanding of EPA and State requirements and other relevant criteria



Vermont Yankee geo-marker
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