Canisters & Casks

Orano TN is an expert manufacturer and service provider of NRC-licensed packages (canisters, casks, cylinders) for managing, storing, and transporting radioactive materials. Canisters and cylinders are used to contain nuclear material. Casks are used to transfer or transport nuclear material.
Canisters & Casks
Orano TN’s portfolio includes packages for managing and transferring used nuclear fuel and nuclear waste, and for managing and transporting uranium.

Used Fuel Dry Storage Canister Systems

More than 1,290 of our dry fuel storage (DFS) systems have been successfully loaded at more than 30 sites in the U.S. We have helped customers extend the life of their storage systems for additional licensed periods by conducting NUHOMS system inspections and working closely with the site and the U.S. NRC staff. The experience gained and lessons learned from past projects contribute to significant cost and time savings in the engineering and construction phases of new projects, as well as long-term savings during the operational phase.

More on Used Fuel Storage


    Orano's NUHOMS® EOS 37PTH and 89BTH Dry Shielded Canisters (DSC) are a high-capacity, high-burnup, and high-heat load system for PWR and BWR dry used fuel storage needs. The 37PTH DSC is designed to store and transport 37 PWR used fuel assemblies with or without channels. The 89BTH DSC is designed to store 89 BWR used fuel assemblies.

    The EOS 37PTH and EOS 89BTH baskets securely hold the assemblies within the canister and are constructed using alloy steel, aluminum, and Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) plates configured into an egg crate design. Geometric spacing, fixed neutron absorbers and soluble burn maintain criticality control for fuel enrichments up to 5.0% U235.


    The NUHOMS 32PTH Canister is a 32-cell high-heat canister design that offers users the capability to store high burnup short-cooled PWR fuel in a high-capacity package. While this design is optimized for use in facilities with higher crane capacity, this canister can also be used with a light-weight transfer cask to remain under 90.7 MT. The 32PTH Canister incorporates a 76.2 mm larger canister diameter than the 24PTH. The basket geometry is similar to the egg crate basket geometry of the 24PTH Canister.

  • NUHOMS 24PTH Canister

    The NUHOMS -24PTH Canister is a 24-cell high-decay heat Transportable Dry Shielded Canister for PWR used fuel. This canister is optimized for heat while maintaining the full shielding capability of the transfer cask and remaining under 90.7 MT. This canister is made from a stainless-steel outer shell, carbon steel top and bottom shield plugs, and two top cover plates. This canister incorporates the same closure weld design used in more than 1,200 NUHOMS systems. The 24PTH Canister incorporates an innovative “egg crate” basket design which benefits from the experience gained on several generations of NUHOM canisters.

  • NUHOMS EOS HSM (Horizontal Storage Module)

    The EOS HSM provides a self-contained modular structure for the storage of used nuclear fuel in an EOS 37PTH, 32PTH or 24PTH canister. The EOS HSM is constructed from reinforced concrete and structural steel. The thick concrete roof and walls provide substantial neutron and gamma shielding. The EOS HSMs are installed on a load-bearing foundation, which consists of a reinforced concrete basemat on a subgrade suitable to support the loads. The EOS HSM provides a means of removing used fuel decay heat by a combination of radiation, conduction, and convection. Ambient air enters the EOS HSM through ventilation inlet openings on both sides of its lower front wall and circulates around the DSC and the heat shields. Air exits through air outlet openings on each side of the top of the EOS HSM. The passive cooling system for the EOS HSM is designed to preserve fuel cladding integrity by maintaining SFA peak cladding temperatures below acceptable limits during long-term storage.

  • NUHOMS HSM-MX (Matrix)

    The HSM-MX provides a self-contained and condensed modular structure for the storage of used fuel in an EOS-37PTH, 32PTH, 24PTH, EOS 89BTH, or 61BTH canister. The HSM-MX is a proven dry fuel storage system that provides a universal space-saving solution with aging management capabilities. The HSM-MX will permit sites to store 40% to 45% more used nuclear fuel within the same footprint of competing technologies. This allows sites to extend the life of their current Independent Spent Fuel Storage installations and extends the ISFSI expansion need date, which may provide significant cost savings.


    The NUHOMS HSM-H offers increased seismic capacity, superior shielding performance, significantly enhanced heat rejection capabilities and ruggedness for the storage of used fuel in a EOS 37PTH, 32PTH, 32PTH1, 32PTH Type 1, 24PTH, EOS 89BTH, 69BTH, or 61BTH canister. Each HSM is provided with internal heat shields, shield door and DSC support structure.

    HSM-HS is a high seismic version of HSM-H, designed for sites with 1.0 g horizontal and 1.0 g vertical seismic accelerations.


Radioactive Waste Container

TN has been a longtime provider of large capacity radwaste storage or disposal containers, especially for shutdown reactor sites undergoing decommissioning. The RadWaste Container (RWC) provides an innovative, flexible and cost-effective solution for long-term storage and future transport/disposal of irradiated reactor components. The RWC was designed with a bolted lid so it could be partially loaded, placed in storage, and then reused to finish the loading in the future. This is all done similar to the loading of a fuel canister, so that the container is never externally contaminated. The flexible loading options are extremely beneficial for multi-unit plants with separate fuel buildings. During decommissioning, the container can be loaded in one unit and then moved to the other unit to finish loading it to capacity. The RWC can be shipped off-site in the MP197HB transport cask.


Transportation & Transfer Casks

For more than 50 years, Orano TN has provided the nuclear industry with transportation logistics services and a portfolio of transportation and transfer casks to support the entire nuclear fuel cycle. Orano TN annually oversees 5,000 shipments of radioactive and nuclear materials between enrichment plants, commercial and research reactor facilities, and waste disposal sites, and is experienced with all modes of transportation. We possess extensive knowledge of regulations developed through a network of international nuclear transport experts and have competitive and innovative logistic programs that are compatible with sustainable development objectives.

  • MP197HB

    NUHOMS MP197HB transportation cask is truly versatile—the NRC-licensed universal cask capable of transporting nine different types of used fuel canisters. All transportable canister types designed by Orano TN can be transported in the MP197HB. The MP197HB is used for the offsite transportation of up to 61, 69, or 89 intact or damaged BWR fuel assemblies depending upon the canister type used as a payload. Similarly, it can transport up to 24, 32, or 37 intact or damaged PWR fuel assemblies depending upon the canister type used as a payload. The MP197HB cask is also capable of transporting the NUHOWS Radwaste Canister (RWC) that is used to store dry irradiated and/or contaminated non-fuel hardware. The MP197HB cask is designed to carry payloads with a maximum of 32kW heat load. External fins are only required for heat loads greater than 26kW.

  • TN Eagle

    The new TN Eagle dual-purpose package for the transport and storage of used fuel uses a weld-free design to ensure safety, productivity and high performance. The TN Eagle was licensed in the U.S. by the NRC in November 2023. Learn more in the white paper: The New TN EAGLE Transport Cask.

  • TN Long Cask (TN-LC)

    The TN-LC is an NRC-licensed transport package designed to safely handle used nuclear fuel from research reactors, commercial reactors (single assembly), irradiated pins to support post-irradiation examinations, and other irradiated contents. The TN-LC has been designed to accommodate burnups to 62 GWd/tU for PWR and BWR fuel assemblies, 660 GWd/tU for Materials Testing Reactor fuel assemblies, and 90 GWd/tU for the pins.

  • Transfer Cask OS200

    The OS200 transfer cask provides lifting and handling for the loaded dry storage canister, shielding, physical protection, and heat removal during the loading and transfer operations. It is made primarily of stainless steel and incorporates gamma and neutron shielding materials. The exterior shell has a highly polished surface finish and is coated with Carboguard 890N enamel to facilitate decontamination. Once the OS200 is loaded and closed in the used fuel pool, vertically lifted and laid down onto the transfer trailer, the cask is transferred to the dry storage building horizontally.


Uranium Packages

  • ANF 250 package

    UO2 powder, pellets, and pellet scrap

  • OP-TU package

    US NRC CoC 9288 Type B(U)F - Irradiated uranium oxide powder and pellets, Reprocessed uranium oxide powder and pellets, Uranium compounds (oxides, carbides, silicates, etc.) powder and pellets

  • Orano TLI

    Orano TLI is a leading front end freight forwarding company dedicated to offering superior management services for domestic and international movements of radioactive cargoes, ensuring safe, secure and compliant transport, by sea, air and road. Orano-TLI offers full-service solutions to our customers, including design optimization, drop testing or package refurbishment for Type A, B, AF, BF, 7A, IP-1, and IP-2 packaging.

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