Our Mission

Both Orano and China aim is to develop nuclear as a safe, sustainable and cost-effective energy source for today and the future. China is already committed to the environment and low carbon energy alternatives and, in September 2016, ratified the Paris climate agreement. Leveraging high potential of nuclear energy, China has pledged to add 20% non-fossil fuels to its energy mix by 2030.

Taking China’s nuclear industry to the next level

Deep nuclear expertise & experience

Using its unique, internationally-recognized expertise in the nuclear fuel cycle, Orano has developed efficient products and services adapted to China’s needs, across the fuel cycle from mining to dismantling. This expertise and wide-reaching experience in diverse nuclear projects throughout China and worldwide is the basis of trusting relationships with key nuclear industry players including CNNC, CGN and SPIC supported by proven results.

Wide-reaching strategy

On a day-to-day basis, this expertise helps China manage the entire nuclear fuel cycle more efficiently, safely and cost-effectively including the supply of uranium, conversion and enrichment services for the growing nuclear fleet, as well as the management of used fuel including reprocessing-recycling and interim dry storage.

As of early 2018:

  • 38 reactors in operation totaling 37 GWe
  • 18 reactors under construction (21 GWe)
  • 26+ additional projects planned

This in turn enables China to pursue ambitious sustainability targets and implement a closed fuel cycle policy that reduces costs, environmental impact and risk, as well as develop its domestic supply chain. By 2030, China’s capacity should reach between 120 and 150 GWe making it the world’s No.1 nuclear capacity.

Value across the fuel cycle

Orano provides products and services designed to make the cycle safer, more efficient and more sustainable for China whether as a reference supplier of uranium, through customized conversion and enrichment services or as a key partner in used fuel reprocessing-recycling.

Orano also offers logistics solutions and services including proven used fuel dry storage systems, dismantling, decommissioning & waste management solutions and services as well as nuclear engineering services.

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The Recycling plant in Melox (France)

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