A solid partner for your career

To help you go even further, we are committed to supporting you in building your future with personalized career development options.

Career development allowing for variety and advancement

At Orano, your professional project can take several paths, even a 180° turn, but there is only one goal: empowering you! We support our employees throughout their careers by offering them mobility opportunities, advancement, training programs and motivating projects.  

  • More than 500 job transfers per year
  • A community of more than 400 experts, including 15 international experts (fellows) 
  • O’Carrer: an internal digital platform dedicated to professional development
  • Career acceleration programs for recent graduates and entry level positions

Engineers in Progress logo: Accelerate your potential

This program provides recent graduates in France with support to become operations engineers within 2 of the Group’s business units: Chemistry/Enrichment and Recycling.

Advantages of the program: 

  • Mentoring by a member of the management committee
  • Dedicated integration pathway
  • A curriculum of technical and managerial training courses
  • Geographical and functional mobility (Performance, Project, Engineering, etc.)

Each employee’s career path is centered on training and development

An industry of the future needs the best talents to build the world of tomorrow. For Orano, skills development is a strategic driver that supports and accelerates its growth. That is why we offer our employees with a number of training programs throughout their career.  
  • 3,500 training courses are available to employees
  • Specific training budgets are set aside per country where we operate. For example, 40 million euros allocated each year to training plans (5,4% of payroll) in France.
  • Specific discipline and training programs located on many of our industrial sites
  • Trihom: Orano subsidiary and a leader in nuclear training
Trainins with virtual reality. Ecole des métiers. La Hague © Orano - LARRAYADIEU ERIC

On location discipline and trade schools

Located at our main industrial sites (La Hague, Melox, Tricastin, France), our discipline and trade schools provide support for our employees throughout their career, notably for technical and regulatory subjects. The programs include new training methods: serious game, virtual reality, e-learning, rapid learning, micro-learning, video learning, forums, virtual classes, digitized supports, etc. Nearly 600 internal trainers are mobilized to support the development of our employees!  

A solid compagny, among the top 3 worldwide in its key business areas

We are a major player in the nuclear industry, the 3rd largest French industrial sector after the aeronautics and automotive sectors. As a global nuclear fuel cycle expert, we have an order backlog ensuring more than 6 years of revenue! The relaunch of the French nuclear program offers new, promising perspectives for the long term, such as new generations of reactors that will need new fuels. 
Orano head office. Châtillon France © Orano
  • An order backlog of 26.1 billion euros 
  • 4.2 billion euros in revenue 
  • Among the top 3 in the world for our key business areas 
    • Among the top 3 producers of uranium worldwide
    • World leader in uranium conversion
    • No. 3 worldwide for enrichment
    • No. 1 industrial platform for nuclear materials recycling in the world
    • MOX fuel fabrication plant setting the standard worldwide
    • French leader in nuclear dismantling and operations support services
    Figures as of 12/31/22

Numerous employment opportunities throughout the Group

If Orano is present in your country, numerous professional experiences may be available to you. As a key player in the local economic fabric of the regions we are located, our sites play important roles in regional structures by supporting employment, training and by participating responsibly in the local social economy.
Environment of the processing plant of used fuel, Orano La Hague plant. Manche department. France © Orano - CRESPEAU CYRIL

International opportunities

With locations in 15 countries, Orano offers the possibility to explore new places and set off on new adventures. This involves international assignments and challenges that are enriching both personally and professionally.

  • 3,000 employees internationally
  • Locations in 15 countries
Vermont Yankee decommissioning training of the team to use a variety of segmentation tools, including the diamond wire saw, mechanical saw, and abrasive water jet © Orano - WRIGHT WARREN
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