A company that believes in bringing value to society

Joining Orano means committing to the future of society. We are on the front lines of the fight against global warming and the preservation of the planet’s resources, and we are committed to regional development and job creation. We promote energy excellence and independence as well as medical research.

On the front lines of the fight against global warming

Nuclear energy is one of the least greenhouse gas (GHG) emitting energies in the world, with emissions comparable to wind power, 4 times lower than solar power and 40 times lower than gas. Its very small CO2 footprint makes it essential for the transition to low-carbon energy solutions. 

  • Quantitative data on GHG emissions 
  • The significant proportion of nuclear energy gives France one of the most decarbonized electricity mixes in Europe
  • Most of the energy mix scenarios for reaching carbon neutrality in 2050 include nuclear energy
  • According to the IPCC* experts, the use of nuclear energy is essential to limit global warming to + 1.5°C 

*IPCC: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

A showcase of nuclear expertise


France has developed a complete national industrial sector that enables it to control the design and construction of its own facilities for electricity production, uranium enrichment, and fuel fabrication, not to mention recycling. With its technologies and industrial know-how, unlike any others in the world, Orano contributes to the excellence of the French nuclear sector.

  • Nuclear energy enables France to be 56% independent for its energy supply
  • 3rd French industrial sector after the aeronautics and automotive sectors
  • A sector that creates jobs in France and globally (30,000 recruitments between 2015 and 2018 - source: Gifen)
  • Industrial expertise that is exported globally
  • A sector that contributes 6 billion euros per year to France’s trade balance

Part of the regional fabric for 50 years

With our 17 industrial locations in France, we represent dynamic job markets in several regions: Southern France, Normandy, Paris region, eastern France and central France. As key actors in the local economic fabric, our sites play a key role in regional structures by supporting jobs and training and by participating in the social economy of solidarity.

  • Northwest France (La Hague): 5,000 direct jobs 
  • Southeast France: 3,500 direct jobs

Committed to preserving resources


Processing and recycling used fuel makes it possible to recover the re-usable nuclear material to make new fuel (MOX) which will in turn generate electricity. By doing this, Orano participates in preserving natural resources. 

  • 96% of used fuel can be recycled, which preserves natural resources
  • In France, one in 10 light bulbs works thanks to recycled nuclear fuel
  • With the recycling of used MOX fuels and uranium, we could achieve savings of 25% to 30% of raw materials
  • 100 g of uranium produces as much energy as 1 metric ton of oil

Committed to anti-cancer therapies

Orano Med, the medical subsidiary of Orano, brings together biotechnologies and nuclear technologies to develop a new generation of therapies targeting cancer. It uses the unique properties of lead-212 (212Pb), a very rare radioactive isotope that comes from thorium. Orano’s expertise in cutting-edge nuclear technologies has made it possible to develop a unique process for extracting and purifying lead-212. This rare metal is the subject of a number of research projects and is used in several promising treatments targeting cancer, known as targeted alpha therapy.

Sterile chamber, or white chamber, allowing to manipulate the Lead 212 and to produce medicine. Laboratory Orano Med Maurice Tubiana. Bessines, Limousin. France © Orano
  • Operating Orano Med facilities in France (Limousin) and the United States (Texas)
  • A dozen treatments are currently being developed 
  • The work of Orano Med has already received several recognitions in the United States 
  • AlphamedixTM, a treatment against neuroendocrine tumors, is entering phase II clinical trials 
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