Enriched Silicon

Silicon isotopes have many microelectronic applications, especially silicon-28, which has a key role to play in quantum technologies, a field developing exponentially. Enriched at high levels (and thus depleted of silicon-29), it is a great material to manufacture qubits while minimizing the loss of quantum coherence. These applications require a high enrichment level, a very high chemical purity and a secure and stable supply chain.

The Solution

With its gas centrifugation isotope separation process, using state-of-the-art centrifuges, Orano Stable Isotopes is able to enrich silicon up to 99,9999%, for each one of its 3 natural isotopes (28, 29 and 30). Orano offers a reliable, proven and efficient solution for molybdenum enrichment.

This solution is completed with deconversion services in the chemical form required.

Key Features

  • Enrichment up to 99,99% and depletion down to 0,01% by gas centrifugation of SiH4 at the Tricastin site in one of the three natural silicon isotopes
  • Delivery in various chemical forms, especially gaseous (SiF4, SiH4)…

Expertise et Experiences

The stable isotopes production uses technologies and know-how developed for uranium over the past 60 years. With its 1900 employees, an R&D center with about 50 experts, and state-of-the-art industrial tools (the Philippe Coste plant for fluorine chemistry, the George Besse II factories using the most advanced centrifugation technology), the Tricastin site has naturally been chosen to host Orano’s stable isotopes production, which benefits from all the advantages provided by this industrial platform.

Your Benefits at a glance

  • Enrichment and chemical form according to the client’s needs
  • Very high chemical and isotopic purity
  • Proven technology
  • Reliable and thorough European supply chain and production
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