Transport Canisters & Casks

Orano TN is an expert manufacturer of NRC-licensed transport packages (canisters, casks, cylinders) for managing radioactive materials, including the MP197HB, TN Eagle, and TN-LC.
Canisters & Casks
Orano TN’s portfolio includes packages for managing and transporting used nuclear fuel and nuclear waste, and for managing and transporting uranium.

Used Nuclear Fuel & Nuclear Waste Transport Packages

For more than 50 years, Orano TN has provided the nuclear industry with transportation logistics services and packaging to support the entire nuclear fuel cycle. Orano TN annually oversees 5,000 shipments of radioactive and nuclear materials between enrichment plants, commercial and research reactor facilities, and waste disposal sites, and is experienced with all modes of transportation. We possess extensive knowledge of regulations developed through a network of international nuclear transport experts, and have competitive and innovative logistic programs that are compatible with sustainable development objectives.

MP197HB Cask

The NUHOMS MP197HB is a universal cask used for the offsite transportation of decommissioning waste or up to 24, 32, or 37 intact or damaged PWR fuel assemblies depending upon the canister type used as a payload, including the nine transportable Orano canisters. The cask is designed to carry payloads with a maximum of 32kW heat load.

TN Eagle Cask

The TN Eagle dual-purpose package for the transport and storage of used fuel uses a weld-free design to ensure safety, productivity, and high performance.

TN Long Cask

The TN-LC is an NRC-licensed transport package designed to safely handle used fuel from research reactors, full-length commercial irradiated fuel assemblies, irradiated pins to support post-irradiation examinations and other irradiated contents. The maximum burnup of the TN- LC will depend on its contents; nevertheless it has been designed to accommodate burnups to 62 GWd/TU for any PWR fuel assembly.

TN-RAM package

The TN-RAM Type B(U) is designed for shipment of irradiated waste in secondary containers.

Radioactive Material Transport Package

UX-30 package

Transporting enriched uranium hexafluoride (UF6) within 30B cylinders
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