A wide range of sources and of accessories

LEA provides a wide range of radioactive sources, both standard and tailor-made.

LEA manufactures alpha, beta and gamma sources, in liquid or solid matrix form, in multiple geometries and on a broad activity and energy spectrum.

These sources are used for multiple applications: medical, nuclear, industrial, environmental, radiation protection, research ...

Sources gamma Gamma sources - LEA
Sources gamma - LEA Gamma Sources
Sources alpha Alpha Sources
Sources beta Beta Sources
Source muligamma, matrice végétale Muligamma - vegetable matrix
Conteneur gaz Gas container

Tailor-made sources

LEA also proposes tailor-made sources upon request activity, geometry, matrix, accessories (source holder ...)


Plexiglas ball mounted on support rod Plexiglas ball mounted on support rod - LEA
Sources sur mesure Sources sur mesure


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