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Nuclear energy and climate challenges

69% of French people think that nuclear energy contributes to the production of CO² and to climate change. In actual fact, nuclear is one the sources of power which creates the least of these emissions! So let's put aside preconceived ideas and take a look at the potential that this energy offers in a context of energy transition.

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Nuclear power and renewable energies: a winning combination for the climate!

Nuclear power and renewables... People often oppose them, even though they both contribute to the low-carbon energy transition that everyone is calling for to fight global warming.

What does acting for the climate mean ?

Climate change, CO₂ emissions: taking action for the climate is an urgent matter. As a major player in the energy transition, Orano is committed.

Nuclear and renewables : the solution for the climate

With a view to shifting to low-carbon energies, an energy mix combining nuclear and renewable energies looks to be THE solution for the climate.

7 good reasons for turning to nuclear power to combat global warming

Nuclear power presents many advantages in the current context of the fight against global warming: discover 7 good reasons to capitalize on this form of energy.

It is urgent to commit to the low-carbon transition

Jean-Marc Jancovici, a recognized expert on energy and climate, challenges us and raises our awareness of the urgent need to make the transition to low-carbon forms of energy.

The challenge of carbon neutrality by 2050

Understanding the principle of carbon neutrality and the actions that can contribute to it is a prerequisite for effectively acting to protect the climate by significantly limiting GHG emissions.

Nuclear power, a low-carbon energy and a powerful ally in the fight against climate chaos

Philippe Knoche and François-Marie Bréon discuss one of the major challenges of the 21st century: how to effectively combat climate change.

All about the IPCC report on climate change

To achieve the goal of limiting temperature rise to 1.5°C by 2100, the four IPCC pathways all concur on the need to increase the use of nuclear energy.

All about France's Multi-Year Energy Program (PPE)

The Multi-Year Energy Program (or PPE) sets France the goal of total decarbonization by 2050 through the use of low-carbon energy sources.
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