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The Orano Tricastin industrial platform, located in the Drôme and Vaucluse Departments, encompasses all chemical (conversion, defluorination and denitration) and uranium enrichment activities. These activities precede the final stage of fuel assembly fabrication for nuclear power plant reactors across the world.
  • Nearly 60 years of experience in the industry
  • 2,500 employees
  • 2,000 sub-contractors
  • Site surface area: 650 ha

Tricastin News

Unparalleled expertise serving electrical customers worldwide

Orano Tricastin is skilled in many of the activities essential to the fuel cycle:

Uranium conversion:

Uranium hexafluoride UF6 is manufactured from UF4 produced at Orano's site in Malvési.

Production capacity: 15 000 tU/yr.

Uranium enrichment:

The centrifuge technology that makes it possible to make uranium "higher in energy” is used in the new “Georges Besse II” plants.
Production capacity: 7.5 MSWU/yr (millions of separation units).

Uranium transformation

● Using the defluorination process
The depleted uranium resulting from the enrichment process is transformed into uranium oxide (U3O8) and can thus be stored without any safety hazard.

Production capacity: 13,000 tonnes/yr.
● Using the denitration process
The uranyl nitrate from Orano La Hague is reconditioned in the form of uranium oxide (U3O8) for safe storage prior to reuse.
Production capacity: 1,400 tonnes/yr.

Special maintenance and storage services

The Tricastin site has developed unique know-how in the maintenance of transport packaging for uranium materials (cylinders, 48Y, 30B, UF4 tanks, LR65 tanks, etc.) and provides storage services on behalf of its customers.

Would you have guessed? A 30B cylinder of enriched uranium can supply electricity to a city of 300 000 inhabitants for 1 year.
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