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The Orano Malvési plant in Aude is responsible for the first phase of conversion purifying the natural uranium ore from the mines into uranium tetrafluoride (UF4). The degree of purification achieved by Orano’s process in Malvési is such that any type of uranium ore can be treated, regardless of origin. The second stage, making it possible to complete its transformation into uranium hexafluoride (UF6), is carried out at the Orano Tricastin site in Drôme.
years of experience in the industry
indirect jobs (subcontractors)
acres, of which 20 acres are occupied by the industrial facility
annual production capacity
25 %
Orano’s conversion business accounts for 25% of global capacity

Malvési News

A business of strategic importance for France and internationally

A factory serving electricity producers in the world

The Orano plant in Malvési receives natural uranium from around the world in the form of uranium ore concentrates, conditioned in barrels. Thanks to a unique industrial process, the natural uranium is purified, then concentrated. It is then transformed into uranium tetrafluoride (UF4) in various workshops and shipped to the Orano Tricastin site, which completes its transformation.

Safety and security: the absolute priority of Orano Malvési

An industrial facility in line with the latest safety standards
The overhaul of the site's industrial facilities carried out in recent years to replace the historic facilities has made it possible to incorporate the latest improvements and innovations resulting from Orano's research and development programmes.
A preventive and corrective maintenance policy, incorporating feedback from other industrial sites, guarantees the highest level of safety and security.

Regular inspections:
In addition to the checks run in-house, the supervisory authorities carry out periodic inspections
First-class response teams and technical resources
The Orano Malvesi site enjoys dedicated human and material resources.
They effectively complement those of the Aude Departmental Fire and Rescue Service (SDIS) teams with which the establishment has signed an agreement. Security drills are carried out several times a year with the assistance of the Aude firefighters and the national gendarmerie.

Internal resources
• 100 emergency response teams trained in fire risk and chemical risk management techniques
• 60 employees qualified as First Aid Workers
• 3 nurses present during normal working hours
• 1 occupational physician present once a week
• 1 multi-purpose fire truck - chemical risks
• Radiological control equipment...

Protection and supervision of personnel and external workers
The Malvési establishment makes it a priority to protect the Group's employees and external stakeholders from ionising radiation. Radiological exposure is subject to continuous monitoring.
0,07 mSv
the average radiation dose received by staff in 2017, 30-times less than natural radioactivity in France at 2.4 mSv and well within the regulatory limit.
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