Transporting and storing nuclear material

For more than sixty years, Orano NPS has been providing integrated nuclear logistics solutions. Throughout the fuel cycle, the group brings its unique expertise in the design, approval and manufacture of packaging, as well as the execution of nuclear transport with a maximum level of safety and security requirements. Orano NPS is also a benchmark player in the dry storage of used nuclear fuel and offers a complete range of services in nuclear waste logistics with solutions adapted to each market.
Arrivée au terminal ferroviaire de Valognes de combustibles nucléaires usés Arrival at the Valognes railway terminal of used nuclear fuel Eric Larrayadieu / Orano
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A benchmark player in global nuclear transport

Orano NPS operates worldwide on the nuclear material transport market. Its complete range of packaging and its know-how in organizing specialised transport are sources of decisive expertise for safe and secure transport.

Orano NPS also offers high added-value services to its customers, such as training, technical assistance, and regulatory monitoring.

Discover the international Orano NPS footprint:

In October 2021, Orano NPS acquires the nuclear activities of Daher Nuclear Technologies in Germany and the Unites States

  • Press Release - Orano acquires Daher’s nuclear activities in Germany and the United States
  • Orano NCS
  • Orano TLI
Transporting nuclear material by ship Departure of the 6th MOX fuel shipment from France to Japan on July, 5 2017. Cherbourg, France. © Orano / Cedric Helsly

An offer throughout the fuel cycle

Orano NPS organizes and carries out 5,000 transport missions each year on behalf of its customers, whether nuclear power plants, fuel cycle manufacturers, or research institutions.

  • In the upstream part of the cycle, Orano NPS's expertise extends from the transport of natural uranium concentrate from mines around the world, processed material between the chemical and enrichment facilities, then to fuel fabrication facilities, and the delivery of new fuel to nuclear operators. For this, Orano NPS relies on certified and specialized partners.
  • Transport in the downstream of the cycle (used fuel, plutonium oxide, mixed oxide fuel, and low and high-level waste) is a highly specialized activity requiring sophisticated resources that Orano NPS has mastered for more than 60 years. We offer our customers safe and proven solutions based on a fleet of dedicated packaging, equipment and means of road, rail and sea transport.
Départ d’un transport de déchets métalliques compactés à destination des Pays-Bas Departure of a transport of metallic wastes compacted aimed at the Netherlands © Orano

Unmatched expertise in risk management

With more than 60 years of experience in the transport of nuclear materials, Orano NPS offers unparalleled expertise in transport risk management. This is particularly the case with supplier qualification, for which we have established a rigorous selection process. This experience, combined with our know-how in the field of Global Acceptance and crisis management, means that we are able to guarantee to our clients the highest standards of safety and security.

Mox6 © Orano - HELSLY CEDRIC

High-performance storage solutions for used fuels

TN 24 Cask Logistics TN 24 Cask Logistics © Orano / TN International
Used fuel storage casks Used fuel storage casks. Waste treatment and conditioning facility. Zwilag, Suisse. © Orano / Philippe Lesage

Orano NPS is one of the key players in interim dry storage of used light water reactor fuels with nearly 1,500 systems loaded worldwide, primarily in the U.S. (50% market share) and in Europe. Dry storage of used nuclear fuel provides electric utilities with a competitive, low-cost and secure interim solution using systems designed and qualified to withstand extreme conditions until the used fuel is recycled or placed in permanent storage. Thanks to its unique design and proven capabilities, Orano NPS offers its customers technologies and services adapted to each market.

Orano NPS offers its customers two main types of storage solutions:

  • NUHOMS®: Proven for more than 20 years in the United States, this system combines stainless steel packaging and horizontal concrete storage modules for shielding and secure storage. The packaging is designed for onsite storage, but can be transported to a central location, when needed, using a transport container. NUHOMS has just benefited from a major step forward with HSM-MX, called MATRIX, a reinforced concrete horizontal storage system using a unique two-tiered cavity design that reduces by up to 45% the amount of storage pad needed for the same amount of stored used nuclear fuel. With reduced construction costs, optimized capacity, the ability to store packaging of different sizes and new inspection devices for comprehensive monitoring of packaging ageing, NUHOMS® MATRIX is a market game changer.

NUHOMS® Matrix

NUHOMS® Matrix © Orano
  • Metal packaging in the TN®24 family: With more than 500 units sold in six countries, the TN®24 is a proven design and technology solution based on a thick forged-steel cylindrical structure. Capable of handling used fuel with a high combustion rate, it also has the advantage of being usable for both transport and storage.  

Crash test TN Eagle

360 Report : crash test on TN Eagle nuclear package Pollen Media

Support of our suppliers in the manufacture of packaging

Orano supports some of its suppliers in the manufacture of nuclear fuel packaging. Felix Tsoungui works at the ATB site in Brescia, Italy, and follows up the production of a new packaging after the design phase directed by Orano NPS.

Monitoring the manufacture of nuclear packages

ItsMyJob: Felix Tsoungui, engineering and manufacturing at Orano TN © So On Pictures

Logistics solutions for waste from operations and decommissioning

To meet the varied needs of its customers, and in a quest to optimise waste management costs, Orano NPS offers nuclear operators safe and optimised solutions for packaging, transporting and/or storing all categories of waste from operations and decommissioning, whether liquid or solid, low-level or highly radioactive, already processed or in bulk, to be transported on site or on public roads. These solutions can be adaptations of existing packaging or the development of new packaging with options adapted to customer needs.
Waste me up

TN® MW, “Triple purpose” package

In designing the TN® MW (for Multi-Waste), one of its latest product introductions, Orano NPS committed to a robust "triple-purpose" solution for its customers, making it possible to transport, keep onsite and indefinitely store waste (sludge, resins, metals, etc.) from nuclear sites during operations or dismantling for transport to a treatment site or, again, direct to a permanent storage site. This versatility makes it possible to side-step intermediate waste reconditioning operations, helping ensure safety and cost control.

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