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Covid-19: update on Orano's mobilization

Faced with the Covid-19 epidemic, the Orano group is taking all steps to safeguard the health of its employees and the safety of its industrial facilities. Throughout the world, the group is doing everything possible for the continuation of its activities which are essential to electricity production.

Taking care of personnel

Faced with the ordeal of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, which is unprecedented for everyone, the Orano group took the measure of this health crisis from the outset, first and foremost with the concern of protecting all its employees. At the end of January, Orano informed its employees of the precautions to be taken in relation to the epidemic unfolding in China. As the situation developed, the group regularly raised awareness among its employees, as well as with service providers, about barrier measures. Protective masks were distributed for all situations requiring their use. Safeguarding everyone's health in the workplace remains our top priority and we rely on the advice of our doctors in implementing health and safety instructions throughout our sites.

New orders have been placed for several million masks and other protective equipment, and in the particularly difficult circumstances facing our hospitals, we have already donated a total of 30,000 masks to hospitals in our regions in France. Moreover, arrangements for an additional allocation of 30,000 masks are being finalized. Protective clothing has also been made available to caregivers, and in the countries where our mines are located, operations to support medical personnel (supplies of equipment, donations, etc.) are being organized in conjunction with local authorities.

Adapting and ensuring the safety of our sites

This major crisis has required very strong decisions and adaptations to be made from the very beginning of the epidemic: rapid organization on the ground to ensure the nuclear safety of installations and the occupational security of employees, continuation of our activities where protective measures could be implemented, as well as safe interruptions of those not able to meet these conditions, plus set-up of digital resources so that as many people as possible can continue to work remotely. 

Continuity of electricity generating capacity

As a result, thanks to the commitment and mobilization of our employees, Orano's activities necessary for the continued production of electricity have been able to continue in whole or in part. This is the case at the Malvési, Tricastin and Melox sites, for certain activities at La Hague, for engineering, for service activities for some of our customers, including EDF, and for the transport activities that support our operations around the world, as well as for the mines in Niger and Kazakhstan. 

All these measures were taken without compromising the health and protection of staff or the nuclear safety of our sites. 

The continuation of all these  activities, even if some of them have been scaled down, would not have been possible without the tremendous determination, cohesion and adaptability displayed by our employees. This health crisis underscores the strategic importance of the nuclear industry in ensuring continuity of electricity production, which is essential for our fellow citizens. Against a backdrop of global crisis and disruption of some of the very fundamentals we thought immutable, Orano remains committed to its electrical utility customers around the world.



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