Innovation at the hearts of our efforts

At Orano, innovation is everyone's affair. Employees are committed day after day, through a wide range of actions, to speed up the Group's transformation and reinvent, without further ado, the fuel cycle, all the while remaining competitive and ready to serve its customers. Orano encourages collaborative innovation, and the sharing of skills and know-how, both among its employees and with its suppliers, including its academic and industrial partners.
Contributors using augmented reality in order to manipulate, observe and analyze engineering projects Contributors using virtual reality in order to manipulate, observe and analyze engineering projects © Orano

An Innovation Culture

To foster collective intelligence and an increasingly agile organization, as well as speed up innovation cycles, taking advantage of both internal and external skills in complementary areas, Orano has set up places for sharing, moments of inspiration and openness to the world, and new working methods:

  • technical internal communities,
  • educational and informative online events: JeudInnovation [InnovationThursdays] and JeuDigital [DigitalGameThursdays],
  • places to come up with and prototype ideas,
  • innovation days open to start-ups at each site,
  • MOOC-type training, to enable the largest possible audiences to understand the mechanisms of digital transformation.

Technical communities

The technical communities were designed to promote transversality and collective intelligence. They are aimed at pooling Orano's expertise, jointly-build a shared vision, concretely manifested by roadmaps, around key themes for Orano. They encourage the emergence of technical breakthroughs and new industrial processes.

The 30 Orano innovations that marked 2021

Orano is proud to share with you the 30 innovations that marked the year 2021. Discover some ambitious collaborative projects, inspiring initiatives, the deployment of I40 at the heart of our activities, cutting-edge technologies, the willingness to explore new fields of possibilities in other business sectors and to invent other strategies. The Orano employees are mobilized to meet the global challenges, for the climate, for health, and for a world that is resource-efficient, and to make Orano a major player in the energy, industrial and ecological transitions, with a more sustainable nuclear energy, in the service of improving the lives of citizens in the territories.

The “JeudInnovation” & “JeuDigital” events

Every Thursday, between 1 PM and 2 PM, live web conferences are held, sharing innovation and news about the digital transformation to the Group's employees.
Some of the topics addressed include:

  • Metal additive manufacturing: myth or reality?
  • Datascience: algorithms serving industrial applications
  • When nuclear serves the fight against cancer
  • Did you say Blockchain? Taking apart the issues and sketching the outlook

The FabLabs

Truly dedicated to sharing and innovation, the FabLabs are places open to each and every employer. They foster curiosity, initiative-taking, and the “Do It Yourself” spirit, and develop the innovation potential of all employees or “makers”. The makers come up with ideas and are motivated to implement them in order to quickly turn their project into a prototype. The FabLabs are equipped with 3D polymer printers, prototyping equipment, electronic equipment and immersive spaces. They are often paired with ideation spaces workshops, Design Thinking and can, in some cases, host digital spaces.

5 FabLabs Orano

Open Innovation

Because innovation is first and foremost a matter of collaboration, because it is fed by inspiration and openness to the world, Orano has rolled out multiple innovation initiatives over the past several years. They are underpinned, in particular, by an ecosystem known for its agility and capacity for innovation: the start-up and SME ecosystem.

Meet-ups for start-ups, SMEs & Orano

Under the Orano Innovation SME initiative, fuelled by over 1,000 innovative start-ups and SMEs in different areas of activity, meet-up events are held between the SMEs and Orano employees, through innovation days and themed seminars. Because these start-ups and SMEs propose new ideas and solutions that complement those developed within the Group, the inspiring exchanges that result speed up the development of the innovation culture and often lead to the implementation of collaborative projects.

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