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Business innovation means inventing today the new activities and new offers of tomorrow, in response to customer expectations, developing growth opportunities and preparing the Group's future in energy and beyond. Orano is exploring new value creation models in the Group's core businesses or in other business sectors consistent with its DNA, by further enhancing its assets, expertise, fuel cycle materials, sites, key technologies and R&D to serve new markets, all the while adapting to the constant changes in its environment.
Deposit on filter of a lead drop 212Pb, ArcoLab, Bessines (France)

Renewing and reinventing


Today, Orano is continuing and speeding up its efforts to develop innovative solutions to support its existing value creation models.

However, in the face of changes in the world, transformations in the energy sector, growing pressure from competitors, and rapidly shifting customer needs, it is no longer enough to aim for performance. The Group also works to put innovation to work to upgrade and diversify its value propositions on products or services, to renew and reinvent its portfolio of value creation models and bring about new growth opportunities for the Group and new offers for its customers.

Orano deploys iterative customer-focused approaches and value co-creation initiatives in “test & learn fast” mode, lowering the potential for risk in new projects before developing technical solutions and delaying investments as long as possible, until such time as the new value creation models have been validated.

This marks a profound change in the Group’s culture and in the ways it manages R&D and innovation projects, which requires new forms of intelligence, new skills such as business designers or UX designers.




Orano is improving its ability to look at the world with a fresh perspective, anticipating the future and the expectations of its customers. It challenges the way it creates, captures and shares value and is rethinking its relationship with customers, partners and the innovation ecosystem.

Orano is already taking up approaches from the world of start-ups and entrepreneurial management, business design, and tools dedicated to business innovation so that each entity in the Group is able to explore and manage a portfolio of new activities associated with new value creation models. Objectives: to diversify its activities, even better address the needs of its existing and new customers, and secure the growth of tomorrow.
The Group organized during first quarter 2020 the final of a context for Deeptech start-ups.
Among the 14 selected start-ups, 5 finalist pitchers were invited to present their innovative solutions to the Orano jury on March 12, responding to 5 challenges, each of them focusing on serving the company from a sustainable development perspective.
Let's reinvent nuclear industry together !
Competition for Deeptech start-ups Orano
Consistent with its open innovation strategy, Orano draws on an ecosystem of partners, including the University of St Gallen, in Switzerland, and joined the BMI Lab in 2017, alongside other industrial players also looking to redesign their portfolio of value creation models. The BMI Lab is a spin-off of the Institute of Technology Management at the University of St Gallen (headed by Professor Oliver Gassman) whose research has led to the identification of 55 business models that can be combined and inspired to rethink or invent new value creation models.

Orano Med: nuclear medicine against cancer

For several years now, Orano Med has been combining biotechnologies and nuclear power to develop new therapies in the fight against cancer. The Group's subsidiary has developed a process for producing lead-212 (212Pb), a rare radioactive isotope used in targeted alphatherapy, to target and destroy cancer cells while limiting the impact on surrounding healthy cells.

Would you have guessed Orano Med
Global market Orano Med

A new clinical trial, launched in 2018

Orano Med and its partner RadioMedix have received FDA* approval in the United States to initiate Phase 1 clinical trials on AlphaMedixTM, a development therapy for patients with neuroendocrine tumors (NET) that express specific receptors, known as somatostatin receptors. AlphaMedixTM made of a peptide analogous to somatostatin, which makes it possible to target tumour cells. Radio-marked with lead-212 (212Pb), it will make it possible, during anti-proliferation, to kill cancerous cells while limiting the damage to the surrounding healthy cells.

The objective of Phase 1 is to assess the tolerance, biodistribution and preliminary efficacy of AlphaMedixTM in adult patients with neuroendocrine tumors, by gradually increasing treatment doses. AlphaMedixTM will be produced entirely by Orano Med teams in the DDPU in Plano (Texas), before being sent to a clinical center in Houston specialised in this type of tumour. Patients will be treated under the responsibility of RadioMedix.

*Food and Drug Administration


Clinical Trials more than 20 patients
  • Nuclear medicine against cancer - Orano Med
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