Suppliers relations

Our Sustainable Development Commitments

By integrating sustainable development into the purchasing process, Orano addresses the world’s energy and environmental challenges and remains consistent with these fundamentals when doing business.
Suppliers are thus invited to join our sustainable development commitment.
It includes such issues as human rights, working conditions, health standards, nuclear safety, environmental protection and territorial integration.
It also incorporates them into Orano’s continuous improvement process and is fully part of the contractual relation.

Sustainable Development Declaration For Suppliers

Orano has instituted a sustainable development and continuous improvement initiative within its organization. It asks all of its suppliers to participate in this initiative with regard to their own environment and in response to the social and societal expectations of their own stakeholders.

  • Sustainable development declaration for suppliers

"Declaration on sustainable development" form

Orano asks its suppliers to adhere to its "Sustainable Development Commitment". Please find below the form to be completed.

  • Declaration on sustainable development

Nuclear Safety - Environment Policy

  • 2021-2023 Nuclear Safety - Environment Policy (accessible version)
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