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During this interim period and in order to make the website accessible, Orano adopted a digital solution : Facil'iti.

Facil’iti makes the Orano website accessible to everyone

Whether visual, motor or cognitive, disability does not prevent you from consulting the internet. We wanted to make the orano.group website more accessible by integrating the FACIL’iti digital solution.

Thanks to a customizable profile, this solution provides browsing comfort for people with:

  • Essential tremor
  • Wilson's disease
  • Dyslexia
  • Photosensitive epilepsy
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Color Blindness
  • Presbyopia
  • Cataract
  • AMD
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Arthrosis

How to use Facil'iti on Orano website

  1. Click on the Facil’iti icon in the footer of our website’s homepage.
  2. Choose a profile among those proposed or create your own.
  3. Your choices are automatically applied to all websites that have installed Facil’iti. You can close Facil’iti and come back to navigate through our pages: they are now adapted to your needs.
The display of our site optimized for you
Facil'iti presentation © Facil'iti

Orano reinforce its commitments for employees with disabilities

At Orano, we think that diversity is an asset and a performance factor. In 2018, the rate of employees with disabilities was 5.41%; or 660 employees integrated into Orano teams. 

In addition, a manifesto for the inclusion of people with disabilities in economic life was signed on November 13, 2019 by Philippe Knoche, Orano’s Chief Executive Officer, with around a hundred executives from large companies.

Raising awareness, exchanging and sharing about the work of people with disabilities is essential. To find out about Orano's approach to this subject, please visit our Commitments page.

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Accessibility statement

Orano is committed to make its website accessible according to the article 47 of the law n° 2005-102 of 11 february 2005.

In the ongoing process of RGAA 4.0 compliance, Orano is carrying out the multiannual scheme with its detailed accessibility strategy and actions.

Accessibility statement supplies on Company Website.

Compliance level

Orano web site does not meet level AA of RGAA 4.0 standards.

Test results

Accessibility testing has been carried out by Ipedis, reached the score of 40.98%.

● 25 criteria respected
● 36 criteria failed
● 45 criteria not-applicable



© Orano

Non accessible content

Contents listed below are not accessible for the following reasons:


Right down the list of elements that do not meet RGAA level AA:

● The decorative images are read by the screen reader
● The images containing information do not have meaningful text options
● The captcha doesn’t have text option
● Some frames don’t have title
● The contrast between the color of the background and the text is not sufficient
● Some the information are provided only by the color
● Some videos do not have subtitles
● Animations are not under user control
● Several links or button are not clearly identified about their destination
● Some links do not have title
● The source code at some point is considered as non valid
● Some page’s titles are not always relevant
● Some of the language switching are not indicated to the user
● The document structure is not relevant
● Some lists and quotations are not clearly indicated
● Some links are not relevant
● Focus are sometimes missing when navigating with the keyboard
● The structure of the form is not correct
● Some of the input control are not relevant
● Skip links are missing
● The tabulation order is not relevant
● Some elements generate keyboard trap
● The opening of a new page is not specified to the user
● Pdf document are not accessible
● The contents are not fully readable when the screen is in landscape mode
● The hierarchy of the titles is not relevant

Exemption for disproportionate burden

No exemption has been identified

Content not subject to accessibility requirements

Some videos are from embedded content and are not fully accessible, especially to the screen reader.

Accessibility statement production

This statement has been issued on 2020/10/09.
Technologies used to build this web site:

● JavaScript

The testing has been performed using a combination of user agent and screen
reader as the following:

● Google Chrome

Accessibility check up has been performed using the following tools:

● Web Developer Toolbar
● IBM Accessibility
● Focus
● Contrast Color checker WCAG
● Accessibility insights for web

Audited RGAA 4.0 pages:

Legal notice
Understanding nuclear energy
Reference publications
Nuclear expertise
Uranium mines
Jobs opening
Ensuring operational excellence

Feedback and contact

If you have any trouble operating this website, please do not hesitate to contact us at: webmaster@orano.group

Enforcement procedure

The described procedure shall be used in the following case: If you reported any accessibility violation to the webmaster that prevents you from accessing content or one of the services on the website, and you have not obtained a satisfactory answer:

● Send a message to the "Défenseur des droits"
● Contact the representative of the "Défenseur des droits" in your region
● Send a mail to (free of charges, do not put a post stamp)
   “Défenseur des droits Libre réponse 71120 75342 Paris CEDEX 07"

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