Nuclear Packages and Services sites

Orano TN provides the design and manufacturing of speciality packaging used for the transport and dry storage of nuclear materials. It also manages and provides global nuclear materials transport complying with the most stringent safety and security requirements.

Orano: unique know-how in nuclear logistics

  • Over 50 years of experience
  • 900 employees
  • 5,000 transports/year
  • 1,500 dry storage containers loaded worldwide

Operating in all the world's major nuclear markets

Orano TN is the only industrial player managing international logistic operations at all levels of the nuclear fuel cycle, with dedicated sites, an efficient organization, and experienced staff located in the most dynamic nuclear energy markets.


  • TN International: designs and manufactures packaging used in transporting and storing nuclear materials, transport commissioning
    • Head office: St Quentin-en-Yvelines (78)
    • Other sites: Codolet (30) and Valognes (50)
    • 400 employees
  • CML: transport of nuclear materials
    • Head office: Valognes (50)
    • Other site: Codolet (30)
    • 180 employees

United States

  • TN Americas LLC: provides used fuel pool-to-pad services and dry storage systems, primarily for the U.S. market
    • Head office: Columbia, Maryland
    • 150 employees
  • CHT: manufactures equipment for dry storage of used fuel
    • Head office, canister manufacturing: Greensboro, North Carolina
    • Dry storage module manufacturing: Moyock, North Carolina
    • 90 employees


Designs packaging and transport of nuclear materials

  • Japan with TN Tokyo (joint venture between TN International, Kobe Steel and Sojitz)
    • Head office: Tokyo
    • 40 employees
  • China and Korea
    • Sites: Beijing, Seoul
    • 10 employees


Supports Orano Mining's operations to transport uranium concentrate to enrichment plants.

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